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Lost my beloved Golden
"Lovie" to Kidney Failure

Lost my beloved Lab
"Buck-a-rue" to Cancer

The last of the pack,
(I think?) "Sadie"
(going on 3 yrs old)

2012 added Lucy


DOB=March, 1942
Norlina, NC
Norlina High School--1960
Chowan College--1960-62
N C State--1962-64
Drafted US Army 1964-1966
BellSouth 1966--Raleigh, NC
Salisbury, Greensboro, Charlotte
Transferred to Wilmington NC (Carolina Beach) in 1998
Retired in 2000
Now, Just Chillin' at Carolina Beach, Repairing old Electric Trains and old Jukeboxes
Life is a Beach !!
Moved back to Norlina Oct, 2014

Favorite Quote:
I've spent most of my money on beer and women, the rest I just wasted

Charlotte, BJ and Marshall

Ann and BJ

I am
by Helen Shapiro

I'm the warm spring rain,
That flows down your shoulders, hugging you softly and whispering in your ear.
I'm the free bird,
That glides above you, laying a featherweight blanket over you.
I'm the light wind,
That envelopes you in the scent of blue sky.
I'm the rising sun,
That tickles your tan skin with kisses While you're still dreaming softly.
I'm the distant shore,
That carries your hopes and calls your name.
I'm the guard of your happiness...
You are my beautiful Dream